Application Procedure


1. To maintain the Students Chapter in the institution, we need the following persons to accomplish it,

  • MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR– Teaching staff from circuit branches.
  • INSTITUTION CHAIRPERSON– Head of the institution or Dean(Academic)
  • STUDENT SECRETARY– Vibrant and eminent student from any branch of Engineering.

2.   Institution chairperson/Academic Dean/Head has to elect the above persons and fill the details in Form 1 and send to us through mail.

3. Institution chairperson will be honored for their Contibution.

4. Once Membership Staff Coordinator is elected, ISRD will communicate with him/her for bulk membership application procedures or for any other activities or queries.


  • Hold atleast two official meeting each year.
  • Submit annual report in assigned date.

Annual report should contain:

  • Details of elected members.
  • List of student and staff members in the reputed institution/ university.
  • Details of programmes/ conferences conducted.
  • Details of Future activities.
  • Financial Details.


  1. Send us the details(such as name, designation & mail ID) of Membership coordinator, Institution Chairperson and Student Secretary-Form 1
  2. Kindly fill all the details in Declaration form Form 2.
  3. Provide all the information of the students member in Enrollment Form 3.
  4. If any information is not provided in those three forms, application request will be rejected.
  5. All the three forms should be attested by the Head of Institution, and softcopy should be send through mail.
  6. After we received the documents; we will send you the acceptance/approval of students chapter certificate.
  7. ISRD holds the right to cancel the students chapter of the institution if any discrepancy is noted. Note: Minimum strength of students chapter should  be 100 or 60% of annual intake.


  • Fill the following three forms and get attested by the Head of Institution, and send to us at
  • Form 1Click here  Form 2Click here  Form 3- Click here
  • Processing time for application takes around  2-3 months for the first time, and for Renewal processing  time around 1-2 weeks.