Benefits & Eligibility

Student Membership of ISRD is open to all students enrolled in institutions offering technical education. Institute has to establish ISRD Student Chapter for Student Membership.The purpose of a chapter is to generate interest in  Research among the students group.
The students membership shall be valid for only one academic year.  At the end of the academic year, institute has to apply for the renewal process.

Many Chapter activities are eligible for ISRD support. Ideas may include:

  • Organize an informal lecture with a popular professor from the department
  • Organize a student lecture series
  • Invite an industry or academic speaker
  • Tour optics industry facilities
  • Host a public lab tour for community members
  • Create and maintain a Chapter web page
  • Organize a conference/ seminars
  • Work with teachers to improve their optics knowledge
  • Promote optics to pre-university students: develop workshops, volunteer
  • Promote the research lab within the college/university
  • Students can get research projects from ISRD based on their interest.

(a) Any student (of full time/part-time course) enrolled in an  approved Technical institution is eligible forstudent membership.
(b) Application for membership shall be made on the prescribed form of the Society.
(c) Every application for membership shall be recommended by the Head of Institute/Faculty Advisor of the ISRD Students Chapter concerned, collectively.
(d) The Executive Council shall have the power to refuse admission to any applicant without assigning anyreason.
(e) Student Membership forwarded through ISRD Students Chapter will only be entertained.
(f) Minimum strength to establish ISRD student chapter in  approved institution is 100 students or 60% of
the annual intake at a time, provided institute is institutional member of ISRD first.